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How to Withdraw Money from Exness
At Exness, we strive to make withdrawals quick, convenient, and easy while offering numerous payment systems to choose from. Our advantage is that you have the flexibility of withdrawing funds at any time of any day, including weekends and public holidays.

Here’s what you need to know about withdrawals at Exness:

Personal Area Information

Different regions will present different payment system options for withdrawals, and this is the region chosen upon registration of your Exness account. As such, if you would like to know what payment systems are available to you, simply log into your Personal Area for this information.

Your PA will show the available methods along with information such as processing time and commission fee.

Withdrawing funds

With round-the-clock access to your funds, you can make withdrawals any day, any time.

There are a couple of general rules for withdrawing funds from your trading account that you need to be aware of:
  • The amount you can withdraw at any specific point in time is equal to your account’s free margin that’s shown in your Personal Area.
  • You can only withdraw funds via the same payment method you used to deposit funds.
  • If you used a number of different payment methods to deposit funds into your account, withdrawals are to be made to those payment systems in the same proportion as the deposits were made.
  • Withdrawals follow the payment system priority (outlined below), so withdraw funds in that order (bank card first, then Bitcoin, then anything else) to optimise transaction times.

The payment system priority is very important, so we’ve included an example to help you understand how it works:

You’ve deposited USD 1 000 total into your account, with USD 700 with Skrill and 300 USD with Neteller. As such, youll only be allowed to withdraw 70% of the total withdrawal amount through Skrill and 30% through Neteller. Lets assume that you’ve earned USD 500 and wish to withdraw everything, including profit. Youll need to transfer USD 1050 to Skrill and USD 450 to your Neteller account to complete the withdrawal.

The purpose of the payment priority system is a preventative measure to ensure that Exness submits safely to financial regulations forbidding money laundering and potential fraud, making it an essential without exception.

You can withdraw funds from your account in the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area. You may check the status of the transfer under Transaction History at any time.

How to Withdraw using bank card

How to request a refund

To request a refund:
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
1. In the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area, select Bank card.

2. You will be presented with a list of cards used previously for deposit and the amounts that can be withdrawn via each. Pick a card to make a refund.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
3. Choose the account you are making the withdrawal from.

4. Enter the amount to be refunded and choose the account currency. Click "Show Refund option".

: You can make a refund of an amount smaller than your deposit by making partial refunds. The range displayed below the transaction amount box will prompt you on how much funds can be refunded to that particular card. This feature however is currently only available on web-based Personal Areas.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
5. Click "Refund"
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
6. Click "Continue"
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
7. Enter the verification code sent to you either by email or SMS (depending on your Personal Area security type). Click Confirm.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness

If your bank card has expired

When your bank card has expired and the bank has issued a new card linked to the same bank account, the refund process is straightforward. You may submit your refund request in the usual way:
  1. Go to Withdrawal in your Personal Area and select Bank card.
  2. Select the transaction related to the expired bank card.
  3. Proceed with the withdrawal process.
However, if your expired card isn’t linked to a bank account because your account has been closed, you should contact the Support Team and provide proof regarding this. We will then inform you what you should do to request a refund on another available Electronic Payment System.

If your bank card has been lost or stolen

In the event that your card has been lost or stolen, and can no longer be used for withdrawals, please contact the Support Team with proof regarding the circumstances of your lost/stolen card. We can then assist you with your withdrawal if the necessary account verification has been satisfactorily completed.

How to withdraw profit to your bank card

Once you have refunded all your deposits, you’ll be able to withdraw your profit to your bank card. The minimum amount you can withdraw to your bank card is USD 3**, while the maximum is USD 10 000 per transaction.

** Minimum withdrawal limit for profit withdrawals made on mobile applications is USD 6.

To make a profit withdrawal:

1. In the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area, select Bank card.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
2. Select the card you would like to withdraw to, the account you are withdrawing from, the currency, and the amount to be withdrawn in your account currency. Click Continue.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
3. A summary of the transaction will be shown on your screen. Check the details and hit Confirm.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness
4. Enter the verification code sent to you either by email or SMS (depending on your Personal Area Security Type). Click Confirm to complete the withdrawal transaction.
How to Withdraw Money from Exness

Withdrawal processing time and fees
Transaction Processing Time        Processing fees
Refunds and profit withdrawals 1-14 business days (up to 30 days) Free of charge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Withdrawal fees

We do not take fees when it comes to withdrawing. Some payment systems may require a transaction fee, so it’s best to be aware of the fees of your chosen payment system.

Withdrawal processing time

The vast majority of withdrawals via electronic payment systems are performed instantly, understood to mean that the transaction is carried out within a few seconds without manual processing.

If the stated withdrawal time is exceeded, please contact the Exness Support Team so we can help you troubleshoot.

Payment System Priority

To ensure your transactions reflect in a timely manner, do note the payment system priority put in place to provide efficient service and comply with financial regulations. This means that withdrawals through the listed payment methods should be done in this priority:
  1. Bank card refund
  2. Bitcoin refund
  3. Profit withdrawals, adhering to the deposit and withdrawal ratios explained previously.
The payment system priority is based on your Personal Area as a whole, and not just a single trading account; withdrawals can be made from any trading account regardless.

Grace period and withdrawals

Within the grace period, there is no limitation on how much funds can be withdrawn or transferred. However withdrawals cannot be made using these payment methods:
  • Bank Cards
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Perfect Money
You can continue to make withdrawals even after the account is blocked (when the grace period expires), but internal transfers cannot be made once the grace period expires.

What should I do if the payment system used for the deposit is not available during the withdrawal?

If the payment system used for deposit is not available during withdrawal, please contact our Support Team via chat, email, or call, for an alternative. We will be happy to help you out.

Note that while this is not an ideal situation, at times we may need to switch off certain payment systems due to maintenance issues on the provider’s end. We regret any inconvenience caused and are always ready to support you.

Why do I get an “insufficient funds” error when I withdraw my money?

There may not be enough available funds in the trading account to complete the withdrawal request.

Please confirm the following:
  • There are no open positions on the trading account.
  • The trading account selected for the withdrawal is the correct one.
  • There are enough funds for withdrawal in the chosen trading account.
  • The conversion rate of the currency selected is causing an insufficient amount of funds to be requested.

For further assistance
If you have confirmed these and still get an “insufficient funds” error, please contact our Exness Support Team with these details to be assisted:
  • The trading account number.
  • The name of the payment system you are using.
  • A screenshot or photo of the error message you are receiving (if any).
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